How to Start a Treatment Court Alumni Program Toolkit

Produced in collaboration with the National Treatment Court Alumni Association

There’s no better way to show continuing support for treatment court participants and the program than creating an alumni group. An active alumni group supports the work of the treatment court team and highlights for participants that recovery is possible. Robust alumni groups can directly support current participants and provide the lived experience and “walked in their shoes” perspective and recovery support. Although the groups vary, depending on the skills of the alumni participating, in general they not only provide needed peer connections but can also offer group activities and structured events. In addition to the benefits for participants, your treatment court team will benefit from an active alumni group by being able to listen to their ideas and hear the valuable insights they can provide to increase the effectiveness of your program.

This toolkit provides step-by-step instructions and considerations for starting an alumni group for your treatment court program.

Authors: All Rise and the National Treatment Court Alumni Association (NTCAA)

Date: 2023