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Welcome to All Rise Magazine, a publication for and about treatment courts and justice system reform. All Rise Magazine is dedicated to you, our incredibly passionate, diverse field of professionals committed to saving lives, protecting our communities and serving the most vulnerable in our justice system every day.

We are thrilled to bring you the beautifully redesigned winter 2023 issue. In these dynamic pages, you’ll find:

  • An in-depth look at the launch of All Rise
  • A preview of the second edition of the best practice standards
  • A detailed recap of RISE23, including a historic MOU with the National Treatment Court Alumni Association
  • New publications, training, webinars, and other resources
  • …much, much more!

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Past Issues

Spring '22

Spring ’22 offers a vision of the future of treatment courts, proactive self-care for treatment court professionals, and an interview with All Rise’s Dr. Jacqueline van Wormer.

Winter '21

Winter ’21 explores equity and inclusion with a look at the research and an interview with All Rise Chief of Training and Research Carolyn Hardin, as well as a dive into treatment courts and policing.

Fall '19

Fall ’19 previews the Journal for Advancing Justice Volume II: Advancing Justice and the Opioid Epidemic and new professional development for treatment court alumni.

Spring '19

Spring ’19 celebrates the 30th anniversary of treatment courts and features an interview with St. Louis County, MO Prosecutor Wesley Bell.

Fall '18

Fall ’18 examines how treatment courts can reduce racial disparities, the benefits of alumni associations, and new resources for veteran mentors.

Spring '18

Spring ’18 features an interview on the opioid epidemic with West Virginia Senator Shelley Moore Capito and a look at Buffalo’s Opioid Intervention Court.