NADCP® Treatment Court Strategy Meeting

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To continue the work of NADCP, we annually convene the NADCP Treatment Court Strategy Meeting. The meeting aims to raise awareness and discuss emerging issues, research, policy, and training for the treatment court field, including adult drug courts, juvenile drug courts, family treatment courts, DWI courts, tribal healing to wellness courts, and veterans treatment courts. Attendees may include treatment court practitioners, alumni, researchers, and other stakeholders. The strategy meeting is convened at RISE, the annual training conference for treatment court professionals, or at another point in the year.

The inaugural NADCP Treatment Court Strategy Meeting was on December 14, 2023.  Before this meeting, staff consulted with practitioners, alumni, and experts in the field to discuss the release of the 2nd edition of the Treatment Court Best Practice Standards and how best to educate and train on the standards. All Rise Chief Executive Officer Carson Fox facilitated the meeting.

The next meeting will occur during RISE24, the annual training conference, May 22-25, 2024, in Anaheim, California.