Sharing Your Story With Dignity and Purpose

A guide for treatment court alumni and others in recovery

In honor of National Treatment Court Month, All Rise and the National Treatment Court Alumni Association are proud to announce the publication of “Sharing Your Story With Dignity and Purpose.” This newly revamped guide is for treatment court alumni and others in recovery as they prepare to share their powerful stories with the world.

Stories are all around us. They have the power to deepen our understanding of the human experience, break down barriers, and advance policy.  Treatment court alumni stories can encourage others to seek treatment, demonstrate that recovery is possible, help improve access to treatment, and support justice innovation that better serves individuals impacted by substance use and mental health disorders.

Featuring testimonials from treatment court alumni, this guide will help alumni and others in recovery determine when the time is right to share a personal story, in what ways we should present and share our story, which aspects we should disclose, and which we should keep private.

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“Sharing my story to an audience has helped me reflect on my own journey, acknowledge my progress, and celebrate my victories. Getting to verbalize my experiences and emotions has given me a deeper understanding of myself and lets others know a little about me.”

 –Kylee Francis-Fowler, 2003 healing to wellness court graduate; member, NTCAA Board of Directors; peer recovery advocate, Penobscot Nation Healing to Wellness Court