In the battle against addiction, we must honor recovery

This morning, published a powerful Recovery Month essay by All Rise Ambassador Martin Sheen and All Rise Director of Strategic Engagement Melissa Fitzgerald. While acknowledging the devastation of the addiction crisis, they offer solutions for advancing treatment opportunities and a powerful affirmation of recovery and recovering people.

We encourage you to share this piece with colleagues, friends, and family. As Martin and Melissa write in the essay, their hope is to “spur conversations that lead to a deeper understanding of both addiction and our collective role in creating conditions for successful recovery.”

“Recovering people dispel the notion that addiction is an irreversible fate and live as testaments to the incredible capacity of human beings to change. And their experiences serve as a reminder that recovery is not a solitary journey but one that’s profoundly influenced by medical interventions, societal attitudes, and the availability of resources to help them thrive.”

Later this month, the two will perform A.R. Gurney’s “Love Letters” at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C. Learn more and purchase tickets here!