Every Court Is A Treatment Court

All Rise’s Center for Advancing Justice can help strengthen your court responses to individuals with substance use and mental health disorders.

Whole-System Solutions

All Rise’s Center for Advancing Justice helps courts build the capacity to rapidly screen, assess, and refer individuals with substance use and mental health disorders to appropriate, evidence-based interventions. By providing hands-on training and targeted technical assistance to courts and their community-based partners, we can help you make every court a treatment court.

For a fixed rate, experts from the Center for Advancing Justice will facilitate a strategic planning process to help you:

  • Assess data on existing practices, readiness for change, and the current continuum of services; then, we’ll collaborate on an action plan to bring evidence-based practices to every court.
  • Implement a range of evidence-based practices throughout the court system, creating new policies and procedures, delivering ongoing training, obtaining commitments from key stakeholders, and/or securing funding.
  • Review operational data to ensure that new practices are being implemented as intended and develop sustainability plans that ensure institutional uptake and continuous improvement.

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The Challenge

  • Two-thirds of arrested individuals test positive for substances, and many non-drug crimes—such as property crimes and identity theft—are closely linked to substance use.
  • One in 4 individuals with opioid use disorder had justice involvement in the preceding year.
  • Overdose deaths surged during the COVID-19 pandemic and have exceeded 100,000 deaths every year since 2021, underscoring the urgency of addressing this public health crisis.
  • Despite the remarkable success of treatment courts, they currently serve less than 10% of court-involved individuals in need of treatment, and many individuals with substance use disorders receive no treatment.

Proven Responses and Solutions

  • Over 30 years, treatment courts have tested and proven practices that reduce reoffending, increase treatment engagement, and promote long-term recovery.
  • The All Rise Adult Treatment Court Best Practice Standards outline evidence-based practices that save lives and improve public safety and public health, including risk/need screening, rapid treatment engagement, a collaborative team approach, and effective supervision.
  • Our experts help justice systems identify, assess, and implement innovations at every point to address the critical need for increased awareness, resources, and evidence-based interventions. We can help you make every court a treatment court.

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