Impaired Driving Treatment Court Operational Tune-Up

Advanced training to improve outcomes in established impaired driving treatment courts (DWI courts) and hybrid courts.


This interactive workshop is designed for established impaired driving treatment courts (DWI courts) or hybrid courts seeking to fine-tune their program to ensure it meets the latest evidence-based best practice standards. Tune-up workshops will improve outcomes in your program by expanding your team’s knowledge and skills. Programs must have been in operation for at least two years to be considered.

Each two-day workshop is conducted in your home jurisdiction and facilitated by seasoned experts with years of experience in treatment courts that serve individuals with impaired-driving offenses. Participating teams will review the critical foundational practices of successful programs, gain advanced knowledge leading to higher success rates, and learn about innovative treatment practices.

Before You Apply

What you need to apply:

  • A letter of support from your state treatment court coordinator or state highway safety office
  • A letter of commitment from the program’s presiding judge
  • Commitment to participate from the full court team (at minimum: judge, prosecutor, defense counsel, court coordinator, community supervision, substance use treatment provider, law enforcement, and evaluator)
  • One point of contact for all coordination

What’s covered:

  • Pre-workshop assessment and orientation
  • The latest in incentives, sanctions, and service adjustments
  • Team communication improvement strategies
  • Facilitated action planning
  • And more!

Available Dates

We work with state leadership to award this workshop to a state. State awards for a particular year are named early in the calendar year. If your jurisdiction could benefit from this workshop, please contact your state treatment court coordinator to encourage their participation.


There is no cost to your jurisdiction for this workshop. This program is supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Submit Application

Applications are coordinated through either your state highway safety office or state administrative office of the court. We encourage you to reach out and let them know you would like this training.

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Julie Seitz
Project director, Impaired Driving Solutions