Sample Document: Integrated Case Plan

The goal of the Integrated Case Plan is to reduce the risk of recidivism though the development of an individualized plan that matches the treatment court participant to effective interventions to address their risks and needs, as identified by validated and standardized assessments.  The Integrated Case Plan achieves this by:

  • Explicitly identifying for the participant and the team the areas that the participant needs to address to reduce their risk of recidivating as identified by validated and standardized assessments
  • Developing clear and explicit individualized goals that a participant can work toward to make progress toward reducing risk of recidivism
  • Helping the participant and members of the multidisciplinary team focus their individual treatment, case management, supervision, and recovery coaching plans to support the overall goals of the case plan
  • Providing a clear framework to assess and measure the participant’s progress
  • Documenting interventions and strategies used to address risk factors and achieve goals and objectives