Harm Reduction in Treatment Courts

Second webinar recording now available

All Rise recently co-hosted a second webinar with the SAMHSA GAINS Center focused on harm reduction in treatment courts: “Training Treatment Court Teams: Navigating Harm Reduction in Drug Courts.” This second webinar builds on our previous webinar, “Harm Reduction Practices in Treatment Courts: What Fits and What Doesn’t.”

Presented by All Rise Chief Development Officer Aaron Arnold, this free, thought-provoking webinar helps treatment court practitioners better understand harm reduction practices that are effective for treatment courts’ target population and align with best practice standards. It provides guidance on ways to implement harm reduction measures without compromising the fundamental principles of treatment courts and how each team member can play a role in supporting these strategies.


Aaron Arnold
Chief Development Officer
All Rise

Aaron Arnold is the chief development officer for All Rise. He works to develop new initiatives to support and strengthen treatment courts across the country and internationally. Prior to joining All Rise, Aaron spent 15 years at the Center for Justice Innovation, overseeing the Center’s national work in the areas of treatment courts, community justice, alternatives to incarceration, tribal justice, and more. Aaron has served as a prosecutor with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in Phoenix, Arizona, where he gained firsthand experience working in several treatment courts. He is a graduate of Cornell University and the University of Arizona College of Law.