Overdose Prevention Project

All Rise’s Center for Advancing Justice is working with jurisdictions around the country to build rapid response overdose prevention programs based on The 10 Essential Elements of Opioid Intervention Courts.


Too often, court-involved individuals at risk of drug overdose wait weeks or months before being connected with substance use treatment, if they receive treatment at all. Rapid response programs identify those at risk of overdose and connect them to treatment within hours of arrest.

Rapid response overdose prevention programs prevent overdose deaths among court-involved individuals by rapidly screening for overdose risk and immediately referring at-risk persons to treatment and supervision.

Through a combination of on-site and remote assistance, the Center for Advancing Justice leads each jurisdiction through a system-wide needs assessment and resource mapping process, helps to develop a detailed project blueprint and implementation plan, and guides the jurisdiction through program implementation. Once a program is operational, All Rise offers continuing to support for ongoing design improvements, data collection, and project evaluation.

The Center for Advancing Justice is currently working in the following jurisdictions.

  • Navajo County, Arizona
  • Washington County, Maryland
  • Palm Beach County, Florida

If you are interested in working with the Center for Advancing Justice, reach out below.