Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards

The blueprint for successful outcomes in justice system programs working with children and families

Representing more than 30 years of rigorous research and practice expertise, the Family Treatment Court Best Practice Standards are the foundation for successful programs serving children and families in the justice system. The standards provide practitioners with a shared definition of the elements required in quality practice, as well as establishes a common language across various systems working with families. The standards not only provide the tools to ensure positive outcomes in family treatment courts, but they also can serve as critical guidance for any justice system program serving children and families.


  • Organization and Structure
  • Role of the Judge
  • Ensuring Equity and Inclusion
  • Early Identification, Screening, and Assessment
  • Timely, High-Quality, and Appropriate Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Comprehensive Case Management, Services, and Supports for Families
  • Therapeutic Responses to Behavior
  • Monitoring and Evaluation


All Rise and the Center for Children and Family Futures

Date: 2019